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Sound different, be awesome

Sound different, be awesome

Galloway is a full service Recording Studio located in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).
We offer full tracking and mixing sessions in our beautiful old factory studio.
Combining a knowledgeable staff of engineers, an array of gear, and utilising both analog and digital recording techniques, Galloway delivers professional recordings and mixes for all types of projects, also for film scoring and voice-overs.

Perfect blend

Blending artistry and technical knowhow to get the sound of your dreams is our utmost priority.
No method, be it tradition, mad science or voodoo is beyond our imagination as long as the creation
leaving the studio is to your expectation or above.

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Sound different, be awesome

Come by for coffee and let us show you around the studio.
We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you get your project running.

Studio + Home recording

While DAW’s have made it possible to make professional quality recordings in a home studio, multi-tracking drums and mixing are two aspects of recording that are much harder to achieve in a home studio. We can work with you in both areas while you do all the overdub and initial mixing work at home.
Here’s a typical scenario for how we work with clients who have home studios or just like to record in their own bedrooms: The band/artist comes in and tracks drums, bass and a rhythm guitar. With our killer mic-pres, mics and a top notch engineer, you’ll get an amazing drum sound. We’ll make sure your bass and guitar tracks are awesome, and you’ve got a solid foundation to build on.
When you’re all done overdubbing you come back in and with our high end outboard gear, ship-load of plug-ins and very special echo chambers we’ll mix your songs to perfection.

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