Black Bottle Riot

In February 2015 we recorded our third album III: Indigo Blues at Galloway Studios. The whole experience was absolutely great.
Sebastiaan really became a fifth band member. He spent time with us recording demos a few months before the actual album recording, came to one or two shows to see us live. And to listen to the songs in a live setting. And he already knows our band for 8 years I guess. That’s commitment to me!
But the most important thing he did for the band, was helping us focus. For our two first albums, we literally took a truck of amps, cabs and guitars into the studios. Sebastiaan stimulated us to make choices. “What’s your favourite guitar? Bring that one!” He helped us to focus more on the music than on comparing 12 guitar amps. And in the end, the song is more important than the sound. The listener doesn’t really care if it was recorded on a 1964 Precision bass or one from 1959. As long as it ROCKS!
This focus at¬†Galloway¬†really helped us to be the best band we could be. The whole atmosphere was also extremely relaxed and friendly. This made me want to stay there the whole week. Normally I hate staying in the studio after I’m done recording. This time, I loved every minute of the whole process. Can’t wait to record album IV.