Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt

Sebastiaan is founder and owner of the Galloway Recording Studio.

In 2006 he started the studio in a nature reserve just outside Nijmegen where Galloway cattle grazed around the house (hence the name).
From the start it was all about honest music for him, music rooted deep within the artists he works with and challenging them to be the best version of themselvesĀ  and make their sound resonate.
As a former art student (he graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2002) he experimented with music and sound in his installations and performances in ways that gave him a deep understanding about what sound really is and what it can do.
Even though all this experimenting might have made his mind a little twisted (in a good way) it enabled him to approach music and recording in a uniquely creative way.
Sebastiaan guided many artists to a successful career by helping them find and create the music they want to make. You can have your songs and projects mixed, engineered and produced by Sebastiaan, call or email at any time.
T +31 6 547 331 39